Sunday Funday: Lagunitas Brewing

A couple Sundays ago our friends called us up and asked if we wanted to do something. We decided on checking out Lagunitas in the City and I wanted to share some highlights with you guys! Hope you enjoy!

As we pulled into the parking lot we realized how massive the facility is. Nestled in the west side neighborhood of Douglas Park, Lagunitas boasts 8 indoor acres of space! Walking in through their entrance I felt like I was entering an amusement park. Trippy black light paintings cover the entire hallway with Gene Wilder’s voice singing Imagination in the background. It was unexpectedly awesome. We continued on, up two flights of stairs, past the (resident?) magician, and finally into the taproom.

It wasn’t incredibly crowded at first. We sat at the bar and got some snackage and brews. Check out this yummy thing.

IMG_2143 (1).JPG


One thing I noticed about the beer was almost every one I tried (a lot of them) was super hoppy. So if you don’t like hoppy, bitter flavors in your brews it might not be your favorite. Even if you don’t like to drink though, I still recommend going there to check out their cool facility and maybe have some lunch?

Now on to their brew tour. I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t the best one I’ve been on. It felt a little too mechanical and rehearsed but I guess considering how big they are it should have been expected. It lasted about 20 minutes but I did learn some interesting facts about the beginnings of the brewery and the founder. Also, no free samples 😦

All in all the experience was a positive one. I was pleasantly surprised and we all really enjoyed the time we spent there (3ish hours).



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