5 FREE Date Ideas

Dates are awesome and super important for the health and happiness of a relationship. I personally think “we don’t have the money right now” is NOT a worthy excuse to skip out on spending fun and quality time with your SO. That’s why I wanted to make this handy list of some completely FREE date ideas! Love should conquer all yo.


Get Outdoors

I know this one is obvious and not always convenient especially with the weather where we live. But if you and your SO are outdoors-y types like us, picking a new forest preserve to hike together can be a fun activity.

We like to go to Starved Rock State Park. It’s not to far from the house but has some unique sights. It’s fun to spend the day there roaming the trails. The park does get a bit crowded in the summer though so if you decide to check it out bear that in mind. There is another park across the street from Starved Rock called Matthiessen State Park. I’ve heard that it is less crowded and still really beautiful so I’m looking forward to checking that out this summer.

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Have a Game Night

At first I thought I might add movie nights to the list but as I thought about it more is that really a date? Two people staring at a screen next to each other. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching TV with my SO but it just isn’t my idea of quality time.

Making a nice spread of snacks, cracking open a bottle of cheap wine, and picking out a couple board games to play sounds like the way to my heart. Here are some good two player games to check out!

Untitled design.png



Geocaching, my longtime friend. For those of you who don’t know Geocaching is a GPS led scavenger hunt for little containers people hide all over the world. Usually these containers have little trinkets and a paper for you to write your username on so that you can “log” that cache.

It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s awesome. I dug up this photo from 7 years ago when I had just started caching lol.


It’s probably not for everyone but we like it and the caches can lead you to some pretty cool places that you never even knew existed. Actually, that path that I told you guys about in this post, yep, a geocache led us to that!


Free Brewery Tours

Yes, these exist! The craft beer market has blown up and new breweries are popping up left and right. That means there isn’t a shortage of brew tours. The tours aren’t actually as boring as they sound, you usually get free samples and some hipster-ish fella walks you around telling you all about their brewing set up. It’s a fun way to kill a couple hours with you partner. You have to pay a small fee for a majority of them but I did some sleuthing and found some free ones in the Chicago area.

Two Brothers Brewery

Revolution Brewing

Lagunitas Brewing


Free Concerts

Last but not least. Free shows are a bit trickier to find. Our town has a free summer concert series and I know a lot of communities around us do this. Facebook is a great way to find events in your area.


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