My Top 5 Anxiety Coping Methods

I’m going to start off with the disclaimer that I am not a doctor. The methods that I am going to list are things that work for me but they may not work for you. These are just my tried and true strategies on dealing with my anxiety from personal experience. I’m not going to put them in any sort of order because as anyone who suffers from anxiety knows, situation and severity of the circumstance plays a big part in managing the anxiousness.



The whole reason I got into candle making is because I believe that aromatherapy works. Lavender is especially great for promoting stress relief. My house is filled with lavender scented lotions, epson salt, body wash, and of course candles. I plan on making a DIY lavender essential oil room spray at some time in the near future too.

TEXT HERE (1).png

Exercise or even just stretching are great ways to relieve excess tension. Yoga is helpful because it helps to control breathing. I know when I start feeling anxious I feel like i’m drowning and can’t take a big breath. Yoga slows you down and helps bring focus on the breath, subsequently lowering a racing heartbeat to a resting one.


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I’m a tea lover and I swear by the calming effects that tea can have on the person drinking it. When i’m at work and start experiencing the beginnings of an anxiety attack I literally race to the break room or kitchen to get a cup of tea. I like this one, it provides a concoction of Chamomile, Tilia, and Valerian Root, all herbs known to chill you out.


Lifting Weights.png

This one is kind of weird and i’m not sure why it works for me. They say exercise does wonders for anxiety but they never specify what kind of exercise. I know a few people that can’t do cardio because it will trigger a panic attack. When i’m having a hard time working out because of anxiety I find that lifting weights is the best for me. I feel like my mind literally can’t wander when I am lifting up heavy objects.

Lifting Weights (1).png

I told you I wasn’t a doctor at the beginning of this right? We can all agree that abusing alcohol is a no-no and i’m not saying I down a whole bottle of wine whenever i’m anxious. Alcohol can sometimes make anxiety worse and it’s definitely not something you should depend on. Now with that out of the way I can tell you that on those days when I don’t get to sit down until 10pm due to (insert stressful tasks here) a glass of wine and a good K-drama will do the trick for me

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