Valenbirthsary Weekend

As i’m sure you all know, life can get messy. Responsibilities take over and before you know it you can’t remember the last time you did something for yourself or had a date with your SO. This was something that happened to us about a month ago.

It’s an unfortunate truth that my SO’s and my schedule don’t mix well. I work M-F and he goes to school and/or works about 6 days a week. We were supposed to go away for my birthday but that came and went, Valentines day was coming up, and we don’t remember when our Anniversary is except that it was around this time. We had to do something before the title of this blog became ValenbirthsaryStPatrick.<–Bad Joke

Finally in February we were able to coordinate a night away with no one but us and it was exactly what we needed. My parents were away from their home in southwest Michigan for a month and we went and used their house like the cheap squatters that we are. Long story short it was jam packed and fun. I wanted to share some highlights with you guys of our night away. Hope you enjoy!

We arrived at noon to our destination. Decided to drop our stuff off at the house and head to The Livery for a brew and a bite. Of course I forgot to take pictures. But if you are ever in the southwest Michigan area be sure to check it out. It’s one of my favorite venues to see live music at and also they have some great beers! LINK

Next we headed over to Grand Mere State Park. This place was amazing. They had some beautiful trails that we hiked for close to 2 hours. Check out this short video we made of the hike! FYI, this is a very amateur attempt at video editing.


When we left Grande Mere we decided we didn’t want to go inside just yet. There is this weird path along Lake Michigan I found while Geocaching a few years ago. It’s kind of sketchy and there’s a lot of evidence that kids go there to party but it is just a really cool place. There were two other people we encountered on the trail but other than that it was dead quiet. I’m not even sure how long the trail goes on as I’ve never hiked to the end of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, Mike is taking a black and white photography class and I wanted to share one of the photos he took that day!


We decided to hit up a small cafe for some coffee and this almond croissant. We were crashing pretty hard at this point. A+ for the coffee and snack. Thanks Caffe Tosi!



After eating some take out Indian food and being in a food coma for a couple hours we decided to see John Wick 2. We are big fans of the first John Wick so we nerded out hard, A+ for John Wick 2 by the way, 10/10 would recommend. It was the perfect ending to our night away. The day felt full and it was great spending time with each other after not being able to do that for awhile.

Sorry for the rambling style of this post. I just felt like doing a more casual thing today. Let me know what you think!



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