Dollar Store Haul

Okay, lets be honest. Who doesn’t love the dollar store? It seems like every time I go they have new stuff and some of it is even name brand. I like to take my daughter on Sundays with the offer of getting whatever she wants, it’s awesome bait to get your kid to come shopping with you without them complaining.


Us upon walking into Dollar Tree

Anyway, we were bored this past Sunday and got a bunch of gardening stuff they had at the Dollar Tree to hopefully grow some herbs. I have no idea if these will actually grow but I will keep you updated. We used some mason jars and put rocks on the bottom to help with the drainage. It was a fun little project for us to do on a Sunday afternoon and was less than $10. I bought way too much soil, I only used two  of those bags.

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I also picked up this display easel there in the hopes that it would hold up my cookbooks or Ipad in the kitchen  while I cook and it totally worked!


This post was not sponsored by the Dollar Tree, I just love that store, so much. Don’t forget to subscribe and like! I put out new content every Wednesday and Friday!



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