Wednesday Roundup: Love is in the Air

You can ask anyone close to me, I am NOT the affectionate type. I am the Ron Swanson in my relationships and I accept that, as do the people who love and know me. With that being said I still enjoy showing my appreciation for the people I love, usually in the form of gifts or thoughtful gestures.  That brings us to the topic of Valentine’s Day. Probably the tackiest of all holidays IMHO. With stores fraught with pink hearts, red roses, and balloons saying “BE MINE” it can be hard to find decor options that aren’t so cringey. Valentine’s Day is looming around the corner and I wanted to challenge myself to find some more of the subtle ways to be festive.

I actually had a really hard time finding things that weren’t so in your face bright red and heart laden. The first item I found on Etsy, it’s a set of three painted mason jars. They colors aren’t too bright and these would be something I would use year round.


The second item I found on the Pier 1 website. Yea it’s pretty cutesy but I liked it better than all the other pillows I was able to find. It was the most unique and I think it would be cute to throw on the couch.


Last was this personalized wood burned initial tea light holder.  I think this might be my favorite. It’s simple, not gaudy and I think it would make a very thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift, especially for those outdoorsy types.


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