Project: Linen Closet Organization

Welp, this is kinda embarrassing to post a picture of my messy ass closet but here it is! Bwamo! This is the only closet in the apartment besides the ones in the bedrooms that we have for storage.  It has gotten pretty crazy (as you can see) and I feel like I’ve legit organized this closet like 10 times already but life happens and sometimes you just want to put the towels away and not worry about them all fitting perfectly *exhale*. Okay now that I’ve given perfectly rational excuses for my clutter here are the before and after pics.


I got those plastic storage boxes from the dollar store and I put all of the extra bathroom supplies that we have in there. So any extra toothpaste or first aid things went in there. Those grey baskets I found a couple years ago at Target, I have them under my kitchen sink too to hold all my cleaning supplies. I seriously can’t believe I have that many towels, but this is literally all of them so it’s not usually this full. Some of them are really old too so I plan on making them into cleaning rags.

I also got this storage bag from IKEA to put any of my unused linens in. I want to get more of them I love it so much, and it just slides under the bed perfectly.



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