T.J. Maxx Haul

T.J. Maxx is my favorite place to look for home goods. There is so much variety and you can find some really really great deals. I recently took a trip with my mom and I picked up some nice stuff on the cheap!


First on the list is this vase, I plan on using it in my bedroom on my dresser. Price tag on this was $5.50 on clearance. My boyfriend keeps saying it looks like a corn on the cob LOL. Whatever maybe it does resemble corn, but corn is awesome so jokes on you!


I was a bit pressured by my mom on this one. She insisted that I get this because it is “good luck to have an elephant in the house”. I’m still undecided on this one but it’s staying for now.


Next are some things I found for the kitchen. I got so much tea for Christmas so I’ve been drinking a ton of it lately. I don’t have a lot of white things for my house as I usually gravitate towards darker decorations (i’m trying to change that) so I got this tea jar and it contrasts really nicely on my dark counter tops. It was $4.99.

Nothing special but I also found a paper towel holder for $4.99 as well, I have needed one forever.


We found this cute jewelry dish ($2.99) for our room, both of our last names start with “B” so I thought it might be a nice touch.



I saved my favorite for last. For some reason I never buy tea lights, I think because they run out sofast. This is for our bedroom to go on the dresser. It makes an awesome glow and i’m in love. It was one of the cheapest things and my favorite out of the haul. The tea light holder was $3.99 and the candles were $4.99.




And here is the whole gang together. This entire haul cost was approximately $40 including sales tax.




Thanks for reading! What is your favorite store to score affordable home goods?


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