Wednesday Roundup: Functional Storage Solutions

Happy Wednesday! This week’s finds are all geared at the functional yet decent looking storage furniture. I’ve already mentioned a lot on my blog how I am seriously lacking storage in my apartment. With two adults and a child it gets seriously cluttered sometimes and I hate it.


First up is this storage cabinet I found on, I really like the Salt Oak color. Something like this would be ideal if you don’t like to have your Blu-Rays or games out for everyone to see.



Second is a storage cabinet I found at Target. I like idea of the removable boxes for kids toys or maybe my crochet yarn.



Lastly is this cabinet thing from IKEA. I feel like this is a versatile piece of furniture which is like a dream come true for someone like me who changes her house around on the reg. You could put your TV on it, make it a cute little bar or just have it as a console table with some cute pieces on it.





That’s it for this weeks roundup, hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more posts like this!



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