Birthday Weekend in Michigan

My parents moved to Michigan a little over a year ago. They are about 2 hours away from where we live which is perfect for the weekend trip away with family. Last month we took a trip up there, my sister, brother in-law and their kids went too. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to celebrate my birthday with the family. It was pretty scary on the way up due to the weather, it was a white out for about 20 minutes on the highway!

We got there pretty late, I had a couple drinks with my family and we talked and hung out while my daughter got all her cuddles in with Grandma. The next morning I woke up and my sister cooked breakfast for me, I forgot to take a picture but they surprised me with some cute birthday decorations and gifts too!


Some goodies from my sister. Thanks Becca!

Later on we went to a brewery that I hadn’t been to yet. It is fairly new but the beer was great! If you find yourself in the Southwest Michigan area be sure to check out North Pier Brewing. They don’t have food but sometimes they have a food truck and I believe they let you bring in food from other places. Also, their patio looks awesome so I look forward to going back in the summer.


After the brewery my dad and sister started cooking and I played with the kids and freaked them out with my daughters drone. I should’ve taken a video of that, it was hilarious. After the little kids went to bed we played some Codenames. This is a new game to my collection and I’ve been really loving it. It’s competitive and hilarious to watch even if you are sitting out.



On Sunday we were looking for somewhere to take the kids for lunch. It was cold and we wanted them to be able to run around because they were getting pretty antsy. My mom found this great place Fire and Ice Pizzeria and Creamery and it was only 5 minutes from her house.

Once again I forgot to take pictures but maybe next time we go i’ll update this post with some. This place has ping pong, a soccer area, playhouse, shuffleboard, and more. They also had great pizza and ice cream that they make in front of you with liquid nitrogen. Which is the one picture I actually did take to send to my boyfriend. The kids had an amazing time and so did the adults, I give this place 10/10. Can’t wait to go back.


All in all it was birthday weekend perfection and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!




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