Wednesday Roundup 1/11: Let There Be Light

This week’s post is all about getting lit! Lit as in lighting up those rooms! Today I bring you three different lighting sources that I really love.


First up is this clamp light from IKEA. If you haven’t noticed already I am kind of obsessed with IKEA. I thought this could be such a cool multi-use lamp. For some reason it gave off a steampunk vibe to me. I think it might look good above a desk if you have the right thing to clamp on to or maybe on a headboard of a bed. It does come with a mount but i’m not really a fan of how that looks.


Next on the list is this stand up tripod lamp from Target. I don’t usually look at target for furniture but maybe I should more often. Not horribly expensive and I really like the look of it.



Last but not least are these pretty string lights from Wayfair. I am a HUGE fan of low lighting. I hate coming home and having blinding lights all over. Especially as the evening approaches I like to turn on lamps instead of overhead lighting and turn on any twinkle lights I have in my house. These string lights would be so nice hanging over the bed frame or outside on your patio.


That’s it for this weeks Wednesday Roundup. Hope you all enjoyed. Leave a comment below and subscribe if you want to see more content like this!


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