Tips for Conquering the Winter Blues

Up to 20% of people are affected by Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) also known as the winter blues. Every year it happens to me around the same time, about a month after the time change. When I leave home in the morning it’s dark and when I come home from work it’s pitch black. Days start to blend together and before I know it i’m an unmotivated, unproductive mess. I’ve put together a few tips that help me when i’m feeling this way.


Inviting Environment

Sometimes the lethargy is so strong with me in the winter. The routines and great habits I spent so hard perfecting in the warmer months end up disintegrating down to the minimum when the winter chill sets in. This is why, with so much time spent at home it’s important to me to keep my environment as inviting as possible. A little extra effort really goes a long way especially when you are feeling a bit gloomy.


Some things I like to do:

  • Pull out all the soft things. That’s right, we’re talking fuzzy blankets, socks, pillows, your comfiest leggings, whatever!
  • Light all the twinkle lights and candles that you can.
  • Make a warm drink (tea, hot chocolate, coffee). This is my go to right now.
  • De-clutter your space. Nothing is less relaxing than a messy room.



I know, I know this one is super obvious. It’s probably my greatest struggle though and probably half the reason I have such strong winter blues anyway. Who wants to leave their toasty warm home to go to the gym anyway right? It’s literally -5 degrees as I write this. This is where the magic that is Youtube comes in handy. I personally love the channel Yoga With Adriene, she has so many free videos for whatever mood you might be in. So dust off your yoga mat and do some stretching for a mood boost!


Plan Some Fun

This is a big one and I seem to conveniently forget about it but it works wonders for me. If I have something to look forward to it helps break up the dark cold days. Whether it’s a local concert, ice skating, or even getting away for a night with your girlfriends. As long as it gets you out of the house and you can get excited about it then it will work for this purpose. If you can’t think of anything a good place to look is your local Groupon.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments or if you want to add some things that you do to beat your winter blues. Until next time!


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