Wednesday Roundup 12/14: Affordable Duo

I have been gathering ideas for our bedroom redo next year for the last two months and i’m getting really excited about it. We have to make it a multi-functional space, somehow incorporate more storage and still make it look nice so it has been a bit of a challenge.

I have been looking for inspiration online and in real life and it’s been a lot of fun. So I decided to make this weekly series that will highlight some of my favorite pictures/items that I see throughout that week. Hope you enjoy!



So the first item is an electronic kettle. I love tea and use a french press for coffee so I got way too excited for this. I really liked that it lights up when it is on and I could just envision this as a cute addition to a coffee or tea station which is something i’d like to eventually incorporate in my kitchen.



The second item is this awesome utility cart from IKEA. It’s super affordable and I think it would look pretty as a bedside table with some candles and books on the shelves. This cart from IKEA is only $29.99 and it comes in 3 colors (rusty orange, black, and off white). I loooove the orange one and I’m really leaning towards this one for our room.




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