Wednesday Roundup 12/21: Apartment Living

Welcome back for the weekly roundup! I thought for this week i’d focus on some good ideas for apartment decor. I live in an apartment and sometimes it can be challenging to work around some of the policies that are put in place by landlords. (Make sure you read your fine print on decoration when you move in otherwise you can end up losing your deposit) I want to highlight some possible solutions to these restrictions.


Thankfully my landlord allows us to hang things on the wall but I know that some don’t, or maybe you don’t feel like having to patch and paint when you leave. In any situation bookcase like this TRIBECCA Home one can make a great addition to your apartment furniture. I chose this bookcase because of the open sides. If you live in an apartment like mine it can feel a little cluttered at times. With it not boxed in it appears to take up less space than the alternatives. I also think you could make this piece stick out with some interesting knick knacks mixed in on one or two of the shelves.



Now as far as I know landlords absolutely hate wallpaper. It’s a pain in the butt to remove and this no-no is a for sure way to lose your deposit in most cases. I found a really cool alternative, wall stickers. Easily removable, convenient, and affordable, this stuff can be used in a few different ways. If you look at the customer photos on Amazon you can see some of the ways they have been applied. I really want to try this but I’m just not sure on what yet. No, it doesn’t look like 100% real wood but it think it’s interesting and used in moderation for a neat way to change up your space.



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