Beeswax Lip Balm Recipe 

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My parents came to visit a couple weeks ago and they stayed at my place for a couple days before the holiday. They live in Michigan and own a little land there. They don’t live on it but they let family camp on it and use it for hiking and such. This year my dad decided to start a couple beehives on it. So when he came to visit he brought me some of the beeswax from the harvest.

My dad wanted to make a candle with it but I didn’t think that it was a good use for the little wax he was able to salvage. I brought up the idea of making lip balm instead and he agreed thinking it would be a nice Christmas gift to give away as well. This way we could stretch out what we had. I just love beeswax for cosmetics and salves.

I’ve made lip balm before but never with wax this fresh! This is the recipe I used:

1.5 oz. of Beeswax

1.5 oz. of Coconut Oil

1.5 oz. Shea Butter

I added all of the ingredients to my double boiler. Once melted I poured the wax into empty chap stick tubes using a funnel. I would recommend getting a glass dropper as it would’ve saved me a couple tubes worth of wax.

Depending on your preferences you may want to lessen/add more ingredients. To check consistency just remove a small amount of the melted mixture on a butter knife or spoon and let dry (it drys quickly). Then test with a finger, if it isn’t greasy enough you might want to use more coconut oil. If it’s too greasy you may want to add more beeswax.

This is a very simple recipe, if you have some peppermint oil or vitamin e oil you can add a few drops of those to the melted mixture before pouring.

These measurements yielded 25 chap stick tubes.


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